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Release Date:
Rating: 0
Directed by
Deon Taylor
Written by
David Loughery
English, Deutsch, Pусский, 한국어/조선말, Français, svenska
Dennis Quaid, Meagan Good, Joseph Sikora, Michael Ealy, Lili Sepe, Debs Howard, Alvina August, Lee Shorten, Carolyn Anderson
Production company
Hidden Empire Film Group, Screen Gems

The Intruder (2019) Full Movie is a Drama, Horror, Thriller film directed by Deon Taylor.  It is scheduled to be released in the United States on May 3, 2019. It is a Dennis Quaid threatening and distressing what transpires from the first trailer license plate of the Screen Gems film (the disturbing offshoot of Sony Pictures Entertainment), The Intruder .

To complete the cast of the low-cost film (like all the films produced by Screen Gems) are Michael Ealy  (the dark actor of The Following and Think Like a Man),  Meagan Good (Minority Report and Think Like a Man) and Joseph Sikora  (from the successful Power series ).

Written by David Loughery and produced by Taylor, Roxanne Avent, Mark Burg, Jonathan Schwartz and Brad Kaplan, The Intruder has all the ingredients of a thrilling thriller, made of distressing appearances behind doors and windows.

What we know about the movie

The protagonists are a young couple in love (Ealy and Good), Scott and Annie Russell, who decides to buy their dream home in Napa Valley. They find the perfect house and to sell it to them is the friendly and mild owner Charlie Peck (Dennis Quaid). Soon, however, the Russells will realize that the dream of a lifetime begins to turn into a nightmare when the former owner shows an excessive attachment to his old property.

Charlie turns out to be a disquieting and obsessive ex-landlord, still attached to his old house, which wanders undisturbed within the walls of what appears to be the home of a terrifying secret.

The Russells in fact begin to believe that something else is hidden behind the rapid sale of that house that will soon become the scene of terrifying consequences.

From the first trailer distributed by Screen Gems  , much of what American film buffs will see next April can be sensed. A wife who died in mysterious circumstances, a former landlord who struggles to let go of his property and a couple of young and beautiful newlyweds who will have to contend with the fury of a psychopath who will creep into their lives.

In the war between the two alpha males of the film, it will be the defenseless Annie who will become the object of the villain’s desire for history. With a clear reference to Kubrick’s film –  Shining  – in which the mad antagonist emerges from the gash of an ax-open door (just like the brilliant Jack Nicholson in the 1980 film),  The Intruder  will unleash the madness of Dennis Quaid and Micheal Ealy’s sense of protection and survival.

Nothing new under the sun of medium-caliber American thrillers, but we are convinced that the interpretation of Dennis Quaid  will give that extra touch to the film. If only for his rather convincing past career, proving to be able to move from a loving admiral full of children (Your, My, Ours) to a catastrophic scientist trying to save the world ( The Day After Tomorrow ).

2 8/ 10stars
Rating: IMDB  / 0

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The Intruder

The Intruder

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